Sms Marketing

Use SMS Marketing In Different Industries


Retail – Worried about starting conversation with your clients? Unable to get orders? Get Customers in for Sale through COMMEVEREST SMS:

  • Make new product announcements or send more information about items to your customers in order to drive interest to your online and in-store offerings.
  • Build your subscriber database with mobile keywords that customers can text to receive deal alerts and coupons.
  • Industry

Marketing – Promote your business, boost engagement & revenue:

  • Run text-to-win promotions to build your subscriber database, increase in-store traffic and revenue with mobile coupons and promotions.
  • Target customers to send only relevant messages, which will get better results.

Restaurants – Tables set? Want to attract customers? Send promotions to customers:

  • Send text promotions and reservation reminders, send mobile coupons/discounts to attract customers to go to a restaurant during off-peak times.
  • Announce deals and discounts through texting or picture messaging. Send MMS pictures of your menu items to entice customers.
  • Promote your mobile app by sending them a text link to download.
Hospitality & Tourism

Hospitality & Tourism – Empty rooms? Empty restaurants? Boost Revenue Year Round:

  • Mass texting is the ideal solution for hotels and the hospitality industry. You can increase reservations and sales during the off-season by sending text promotions like discounts or health club and spa packages.
  • Promote your mobile app by sending them a text link to download.
Real Estate

Real Estate – Renting properties at your fingertips. Market your property listings:

  • Advertise your mobile keyword at every property to capture more interested buyers, give them an easy way to learn more about your property, send property listings that matches the buyer’s preference.

Education – Digitize the bridge between teachers and parents, reach prospective students:

  • Texting exam results to parents through SMS
  • Helping the environment by going paperless and saving cost as well.
  • Texting helps you better reach prospective students to better market your university to them and increase your attendance.
  • Sort prospective students by their majors and interests, so they only get relevant messages.
  • Send MMS pictures and videos of your campus to entice prospective students to visit.
  • Send automated reminders for approaching application and financial aid deadlines.
Car Dealerships

Car Dealerships – Want to sell more cars? Get in touch with us.

  • Send promotions about upcoming car bazaar sale or new models coming into stock.
  • Send automated reminders to interested customers when a model they are interested in is on sale or available for test drive.
Hospitals and Clinics

Hospitals and Clinics – Social distancing an issue? Contact us to help.

  • Use SMS to send appointment reminders and follow up with patients.
  • Schedule virtual meetings with doctors.
  • Promote new products.
  • Integrate your current CMS with SMS for medical offices.
Non-profit Organizations

Non-profit Organizations – Trouble raising funds for a cause?

  • Maximize engagement and donations, as texts have a better response rate than phone or email outreach.
  • Increase sign-ups for campaign alerts through mobile keywords and online forms.
  • Automatically send event reminders to make sure you have a great turnout for your events.
  • Text supporters a link to your giving page to help you fund for your cause